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Client API

The CLI for Polykey is the first real consumer of Polykey's gRPC functionality. It uses the PolykeyClient class which wraps a gRPC client along with a few other things.

When the PolykeyClient starts, it attempts to connect to a running PolykeyAgent's gRPC server. If a connection cannot be established, the user is informed of it.

When the user calls a CLI command, e.g.

>$ pk vaults ls

A few things happen.

  1. A PolykeyClient object gets created and is started, (attemping to connect to the PolykeyAgent)
  2. PolykeyClient sends a gRPC request to the PolykeyAgent which responds with the appropriate information, or performs the appropriate action
  3. Any relevant information is displayed to the user
  4. The PolykeyClient gets closed.

Configuration from lockfile

There exists a file in the filesystem, in the polykey path that contains information about a PolykeyAgent if it is running. It will be guaranteed to contain the following:

  • PID: Process ID
  • GRPCHOST: The host address of the grpc server that is running
  • GRPCPORT: The port of the grpc server that is running

This file gets deleted when the PolykeyAgent is stopped.

The CLI will read from this file when it creates the PolykeyClient and use it to determine whether or not a PolykeyAgent is running, and how to connect to it.