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Welcome to our Polykey repo!

Visit our Getting Started Guide to deploy your very own PolyKey agent.

Alternatively, review our Reference or Background Information sections.


PolyKey is a decentralised distributed peer to peer (P2P) secret sharing & secret management system. It is intended to be used by both humans and machines. It synthesise a unified workflow between interactive password management and infrastructure key management.

This project PolyKey (library) is the core library for running PolyKey. It provides a CLI polykey or pk for interacting with the PolyKey system. The main desktop GUI is located at

PolyKey involves running distributed keynodes, which we will refer to as "nodes". A host system can run multiple nodes. Each node manages one or more vaults which are encrypted filesystems with automatic version history. You can share these vaults with other users of PolyKey who are running their own keynodes.


The wiki is structured using Divio system:

  • Tutorials - these are a series of steps to introduce Polykey to new beginners to achieve a practical outcome
  • How-To Guides - these are short guides on how to achieve a specific use-case which makes assumptions on the reader
  • Reference - these are useful when you need remember how to use a particular command or function
  • Theory - these are important for understanding the "why" of Polykey

Each sub-project has their own Reference and How-To Guides, however most Tutorials, How-To Guides and Theory are all located here in the master-project.