Polykey 1.0: Introducing a New Secrets Management System

Roger Qiu

Individuals and organisations are not managing access control decentralised in a world of services, resources and devices.Decentralised access-control involves the management of secrets.

Secrets (tokens, passwords, keys, certificates) are the currency, of access control when working with decentralised services, resources and devices. Secrets are being used & shared in ad hoc fashion, both at home and at the workforce. This hygiene is putting both users, and businesses at risk, and something needs to change.

Polykey is a decentralised access control workflow that understands secrets as sharable capabilities, manages the storage and sharing of these capabilities, and tracks the assignment and delegation of capabilities. We have built the system from the ground up, and have developed a full stack solution to the secure and safe sharing of secrets in a distributed and decentralised world. We have an enterprise grade vault system, and unique sharing capabilities, for users to leverage in a safe fashion.‍

We built a unified theory of secrets management for Humans and Machines, because we believe in a safe world where secrets are shared between users with full trust.

Underlying this vision, we have developed tech to make this a reality:‍

  1. Decentralised End to End Secret Sharing
  2. Modern Web of Trust - Social Network Digital Identity Proofs: Gestalt System
  3. Full Spectrum Auditability: Integration Points and Auditing/Policy‍