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Secrets management for today's decentralized world of

Share secrets (passwords, keys, tokens and certificates) with people, between teams, and across machine infrastructure

Open-source peer to peer decentralized application for secrets management

Complete end-to-end control and privacy over your secrets, with no third-party data collection.

Polykey is a decentralized access-control solution that facilitates the management, assignment and delegation of authority to resources for distributed people, teams and devices.

Treat secrets (tokens, passwords, keys and certificates) as the currency of access control.

Use Polykey to secure your digital activities and infrastructure.

Vault management

Create and manage secret vaults implemented as encrypted virtual filesystems with automatic version history tracking. Vaults are placed in decentralised key nodes for redundancy and privilege separation.

Secret sharing

Discover keynodes via digital identity graphs ("gestalts") through social networks and enterprise identity providers. Then share secrets by pushing or pulling vaults across an end-to-end encrypted federated hierarchical network of keynodes.

Secret Integration

Integrate into external programs requiring secret injection through form auto-fill, clipboard copy-paste, drag and drop, filesystem, environment variables, pipes, RESTful JSON API and gRPC.

Policy and auditing

Maintain sharing and integration policy across the entire keynode hierarchy, and monitor the audit log of every single secret interaction.

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